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Other benefits of Aluminium Commercial sliding doors include:

Energy Efficiency

In addition to letting in more natural light in your home and saving you money in terms of power and lighting, sliding glass doors are also incredibly efficient insulators. They keep the elements at bay to make sure the summers stay cooler and the winters stay warmer. Likewise they act as better sound barriers that keep out city noises.

Shopfront Entrance Doors - Security

Our glass sliding doors come with hook over lock mechanisms that offer high performance seals while also preventing the slider from being yanked out of the frame. And on top of all that security, you also get a sleek and elegant look that is a perfect addition to any architectural styles.

Here are some other reasons why you should give us a call:

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Great Commercial Glass Doors and Windows

There’s no question about it; sliding commercial doors are the in-thing these days for your place of business or commercial premises, as commercial glass doors have a way of transforming the entire space in a way that nothing else can.

That look you get when you space out the walls with massive glass is simply spectacular. Suddenly, you and your family or employees will be able to sit both inside and outside at the same time. Not only does this add an incredibly aesthetic touch to your office, it also encourages more productivity at the workplace.

However, we know better than anyone just how hard it is to maintain these commercial entry doors, so we also offer commercial door repair, however, it’s nowhere near the trouble associated with wooden doors when you think about it. See, any wooden frames and door exposed to the elements tend to rot over time. Given the regular refurbishing and repainting of wood every few years, wooden doors are actually costing you more money to maintain.

This is where our low maintenance aluminium commercial hinged or sliding doors come in. Not only do they come in several different types, but they’re also more practical, safe and efficient than traditional doors.

Why we’re the Best Sydney Glass Sliding Door Provider

Being an Australia owned company, we’ve been providing comprehensive glass solutions for decades now. Whether it’s installation, repair, replacement or upgrades, we’re the guys for the job. We aim to provide total customer satisfaction by giving each and every one of our projects the highest quality workmanship possible. We’ve had experience with main glass doors, shower sliding doors, glass balcony sliding doors, alfresco room doors, and any other area where you need an opening.