Superior Sydney Bi Fold Doors by CVDglass

Benefits of Commercial Aluminium Bi Fold Doors

High Energy Efficiency

Whether you’re dealing with a residential setting or a commercial one, there’s no doubt that aluminum bi fold doors let in far more light than other doors. The more panes there are, the more light you can allow in your home. Similarly, the doors are weather proofed to save on heating. This means less money spent on lighting and electricity.

Opens Business to the Outside

While incredibly impressive in home settings, it’s easy to see why aluminum folding doors excel more in commercial locations. This particularly applies to service-based industries such as restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, lounges and similar facilities. The bi fold design creates the illusion of extra space and opens the room to customers for a free al fresco experience and mingling. It also attracts new customers who had not noticed your business. .

Improves Functionality and Security

Thanks to a precision engineered rolling system, opening and closing the aluminum bi fold doors is as effortless as it gets. At the same time, the weather proofing, thermal and acoustic insulation keep the interior protected from noise and other elements. These doors use heavy duty steel framing for superior durability and top it off with multipoint lever compression locks for that added layer of security.

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So whether you’re in the construction phase or just want to upgrade some aspects of your business, Commercial Aluminium Bi Fold Doors make for a time tested way to improve the functionality, security, aesthetics, and customer attraction levels of your location.

High Quality Bi Fold Doors installed by CVDGlass

Also known as folding sliding doors, bi fold doors lie on panels which slide open and stack neatly against the wall to create a wide opening.

Typically, aluminum bifold doors have anywhere between two to seven panels that are connected by compact hinges with rollers at the top and bottom of the frame.

In addition to offering an unimpeded view and creating a seamless transition to the outdoors, bi-folding doors can totally transform and upgrade your business. So, why should you install the best commercial aluminum bi fold doors for your place of business?