Sydney Aluminium Awning Casement Windows by CVDglass

Other Features include:

Enhanced Ventilation

Aluminium awning windows are sometimes installed higher on walls compared to other window designs. This enables you to use your wall for other functions such as placement of furniture and artwork whilst still letting light and air to circulate into the room. This would not be possible with conventional window designs. .

Privacy and Security

As these types of windows only open at certain angles, it makes access difficult for intruders and alike to enter through them, whilst still allowing light and air to enter, this benefit alone is a huge one. It also prevents peeping toms from invading your privacy. Weatherproofed by its design, these windows provide great protection against rain, direct sunlight, harsh wind and draught.

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Sydney Awning Windows

CVDglass Sydney aluminium awning windows are designed to not only provide fresh air and sunlight, but also to enhance the architectural beauty of your office or corporate environment. These awning windows are hinged at the top to enable you to open them outwardly at the bottom. They are a great option for providing light and ventilation in areas where furniture prevents light and air circulation through the main room windows.

Our awning windows are made of quality aluminium and glass, which are durable enough to withstand the effects of rain and open at a fixed degree, allowing your business to have that cooling refreshing breeze while it is still raining.

Our aluminium awning casement windows come in various sizes and colours, and are quite popular for sitting rooms, public bathrooms and basements. Nonetheless, they can be integrated into your work environment to suit any design you deem fit. Make that upscale statement by having our experts install our our best buy Sydney aluminium awning windows for you.

Why we’re the Best Glass Awning Window Supplier in Sydney

Our aluminium awning windows are made in our factory from industrial grade quality aluminium and available in single and double glazing options. Feel free to contact us for a free quote and our friendly staff will assist you in every way we can.

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