Superior Fixed Windows in Sydney by CVDglass

More Features include:

Moreover, you may choose either powder coated or anodized aluminium fixed windows. The good thing with aluminium fixed windows is that they can easily be upgraded to fit either tinted or energy efficient glass depending on your preference.

This freedom to contrast different colours for your fixed windows and ensure that they match the other items you have in the house or outside the house. There are two types of finishes our clients can choose from;

Powder Coat Colours

A powder coat color is applied by spraying electrically charged powder onto the top surface of pre-treated aluminium. To improve the furnishing, smoothness and durability, baking of the aluminium is done in an oven

Anodised Finishes

This is done by an electrical process to ensure that the natural aluminium metallic-lustre is improved. Different colours are also applied to enhance the looks and durability. You can either choose a clear or residential bronze finish depending on your liking.

Premier Looking Fixed Windows by CVDGlass

The best way to allow light into the dark rooms of your house is by adding fixed windows. These windows will really brighten up your living rooms and also give you a rare unique view of the external environment.

Having fixed windows coupled with the normal operable doors and windows will also provide you with a bigger field of view thus make you enjoy the serenity outside even more.

We offer a wide range of colour finishes that complements different colour schemes you may need for your rooms.

To make sure that every client’s needs are met, they come in different shapes like arched, rectangular, square, circular and raked. These unique shapes can fit to any house regardless of where you want them to be located.