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Apart from improving the aesthetic value of your business, our  Sydney manufactured aluminium home glass sliding doors are more durable and require less maintenance compared to other types of doors. Without a doubt, they are key to achieving a comfortable, secure, and energy-efficient shop or business in Sydney.

Whether you are in need of external sliding doors or internal sliding doors, we will help you add value to your property at a very affordable cost. As one of the leading glass sliding doors experts in Australia, we provide custom build doors for our customers and advise them on choosing a style or design that best fits their requirements.

Types of Glass Aluminium Sliding Doors available in Sydney

Glass sliding doors are available in different styles, colours, material choices and sizes. To ensure you choose the right glass sliding door for your home; here are the most common types you should have in mind:
i. Pocket doors- These are glass sliding doors with a single panel and no fixed hinges. When opened, this door slides into a small space between the walls. They are narrower and smaller compared to other types of glass sliding doors, and therefore ideal for small spaces that do not require hinges.
ii. Patio doors – These doors have two panels, with one fixed in place like the normal door, although most people confuse it with a sliding door. The patio doors are rectangular-shaped and broad enough for patios or other open areas. Ideally, patio doors are a great option for partitioning the dining room and living room.
iii. Bypass doors – These glass sliding doors have two adjacent but fixed panels. They usually have tracks below and above the door frame to allow the door to move in the same direction when opened. Bypass doors are relatively larger and therefore ideal for use as partitions or wardrobe doors.


Glass sliding doors are one of the most visible design elements for your shop or business. Choosing a design that matches your business distinctive style creates a big impression. Some of the advantages of sliding glass doors include:
i. Space-saving– Sliding glass doors glide along a track without swinging outwards or in, thus maximizing the available space. The increased square footage improves the room orientation and layout and for furniture placement.

ii. Increased Energy Efficiency –Sliding doors are very efficient in maintaining thermally comfortable rooms. The insulated tempered glass ensures your office or place of work stays warm during winter and cool during summer. Additionally, they offer access to natural light, which cuts down lighting bills.

iii. Convenient Operation– Most modern sliding doors come with easy-gliding ball bearing rollers and composite wheels that allow smooth operation. The access ports on these wheels also facilitate easier adjustment and effortless operation.

iv. Style – The sleek, elegant look of glass sliding doors gives them a gleaming, modern appearance that matches most architectural styles.

v. Superior Protection – Glass sliding doors are equipped with a hook-over locking mechanism for improved security. Their design also offers exceptional weather protection.


We are an Australian owned company based in Sydney that specializes in professional glass and aluminium installation, repair and replacement. We can handle a wide range of projects, ranging from basic repair work to complex insurance and commercial tasks. Since our inception, we attribute our continued success to the values that we, as a company hold in every single service we deliver to our customer base. We are passionate about offering effective solutions to our clients, while consistently exceeding their expectations. Our primary focus is delivering the first-class service coupled with quality workmanship that guarantees customer satisfaction.
As an industry leader, our team of professional glaziers offers emergency glass replacement services in Sydney and the larger metropolitan area. We handle all the glass and aluminium work on our premises, without the need for sub-contracting your projects to second parties.
Efficiency and security in your home are of utmost importance, therefore, when in need of high-quality glass sliding doors, contact us for the best service. We are confident enough that both the quality and value of our products will impress you. Get in touch with one of our friendly customer service representatives today to learn more about our products and services. We offer free, no-obligation quotes and consultation!